31 Day Pass - Full Fare


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This pass is good on all local bus and MAX routes in the Kansas City area, including those serving Kansas City, Mo. Johnson County, Kan., Kansas City, Kan., Independence, Mo., Raytown and Gladstone. It is also good on routes 519, 563, 569, 571 and 595. The pass can be used to transfer between cities.

The pass can be purchased any time during the month and is good for 31 days from the time it's first swiped boarding a bus. The pass activates when it's first inserted into the fare box. The pass will be stamped with the date and time it's first used and the date and time it expires.

If purchasing a pass with a credit or debit card issued by your workplace, please enter your workplace's address in the Billing Information section, and your mailing address in the Shipping section when you check out.

31 Day Pass - Full Fare