31 Day Pass - Express


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Pass is good the entire month on express routes serving Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, Raytown, Liberty, all RideKC routes and MAX. Pass is also good on 510 K-10 Connector to Lawrence, Ks.

These routes serve Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, Liberty, and Raytown park-and-rides and operate during the rush hours only.

The 31-Day Pass is activated when you first insert the pass in the farebox. The pass will show "First Use" and "Expires" dates and times on the back. For subsequent rides, simply swipe the pass until it expires. You can purchase the pass anytime during the month. You can begin using the pass the day you receive it, a week or even a month afterwards.

If purchasing a pass with a credit or debit card issued by your workplace, please enter your workplace's address in the Billing Information section, and your mailing address in the Shipping section when you check out.

31 Day Pass - Express